CXF SOAP Header Basic Authentication Interceptors Java Without Spring

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CXF SOAP Header Basic Authentication Interceptors Java Without Spring

Here's a great guide to authentication interceptors in Java without using Spring!

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If you have used the tool:


to create your SOAP CXF stubs.

Create a Basic Authentication Interceptor as follows:

package com.bos.services.cxf.interceptors;

import org.apache.cxf.interceptor.AbstractOutDatabindingInterceptor;
import org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault;
import org.apache.cxf.message.Message;
import org.apache.cxf.phase.Phase;
import org.apache.cxf.ws.security.SecurityConstants;

public abstract class CxfBasicAuthInterceptor extends AbstractOutDatabindingInterceptor {

public CxfBasicAuthInterceptor() {

public void handleMessage(Message outMessage) throws Fault {
outMessage.setContextualProperty(SecurityConstants.USERNAME, getUsername());
outMessage.setContextualProperty(SecurityConstants.PASSWORD, getPassword());

public abstract String getUsername();

public abstract String getPassword();

To use the Basic Authetication Interceptor:

QName serviceName = new QName("http://bos.asoap.service.com/v1.0/ServiceApi", "BosWS");

BosWS ss = new BosWS(wsdlURL, serviceName);
IBosWS service = ss.getBasicHttpBindingIBosWS();
Client client = ClientProxy.getClient(service);

client.getOutInterceptors().add(new CxfBasicAuthInterceptor() {
public String getUsername() {
return configService.getWSUserName();

public String getPassword() {
return configService.getWSPassword();
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