Developers Are the Architects of Tomorrow's Business

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Developers Are the Architects of Tomorrow's Business

Innovation is doing new things that create new value, while iterations are doing same thing in a better way. Which should your company be focusing on?

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Thought provoking presentation by Brian Solis, Principal Analyst and Futurist, Altimeter at Dynatrace Perform 2018.

Brian has been traveling the world talking to developers and IT teams for his next book.

He learned there is a desire to do something new and different. People don’t feel they’re responsible for change and innovation within their company. Apps are changing user behavior, and user-centered design is leading change.

Thinking outside your industry leads to great insights. That's what the founders of Netflix, Airbnb, and Uber did.

Change has to start somewhere. Companies need change agents to promote change in the organization. Change agents need to look at how we think, how we see problems and opportunities

Iteration is doing the same things but better.  Innovation is doing new things that create new value.

We were taught to follow the rules even though they were developed at a different time. The rules of yesterday do not apply today. Compute time is faster and storage is cheap. Lightbulbs are not the result of the continuous improvement of candles. We need iteration versus innovation.

75% of senior executives believe their organization has a culture of innovation. However, only 7% of organizations can test and learn based on new ideas. 62% of respondents consider culture as the number one hurdle to digital transformation.

Things will not change without change agents. Change starts in the middle of an organization and gains traction because you make it so.

Success can be a poor teacher for innovation. Success lulls us into iteration.

Be bold, think differently, think about the long-term. There is no box to get "outside of"; when it comes to innovation, the best ideas are inspired by people. Design is art optimized to meet objectives.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves. – Leo Tolstoy

The Change Agent’s Manifesto

  • Be a data gatherer and storyteller.
  • Be an influencer and case maker.
  • Be a relationship builder.
  • Be a champion of change.

Innovation begins with shifts in human perspective and mindset. Roadmaps are developed and investments in CX are made without understanding customers. Get out and talk to your customers. Understand their UX, what do they like, what do they find frustrating? How can you improve the CX?

Digital Darwinism has created a market of digital narcissists. The line between reality and virtual reality is blurring. Customers want to feel like physical spaces are designed for their digital lifestyle.

What’s possible when you’re inspired by people’s behavior?

All great innovation starts inside of you because you are inspired and motivated enough to do something differently. You have to make the rules, not follow them. Innovation begins with us.

The future of possibilities is only separated by our views, our actions. Be curious, observant, creative, empathetic, bold, resilient. Customers need us to be the voice of the customer. When it comes to change, leaders can come from anywhere

You are the face of change.

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