How to Enable CGI Mode in Apache Tomcat

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How to Enable CGI Mode in Apache Tomcat

Having trouble enabling the CGI mode in your Apache Tomcat? Check out this tutorial to learn more!

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Hello Coders, I hope you are all doing well.

Today, I had to enable the CGI mode in Tomcat, while facing lots of issue in the same. So, I thought that, after successful deployment, I would write an article in the same simplified steps. Here it is!

  • First, download the Apache Tomcat (choose the version that is compatible with your application; in my case, I am using the latest one).
  • Go to the CATALINA_HOME/conf and modify the following files:
    • web.xml (Here, we will enable the CGI support in Tomcat)
      • To enable CGI support in Tomcat, we have to uncomment servlet and servlet-mapping of CGI servlet in web.xml.
      • After uncommenting the servlet and servlet-mapping of CGI, we have to add one param value in that servlet mapping to execute our CGI.
    • context.xml
      • We have to set the attribute "privileged" to true for Context.
<!-- web.xml -->



<!-- context.xml -->

<Context privileged="true">

  • Go to the CATALINA_HOME/webapps/ROOT/  directory.
    • Check weather WEB-INF  directory is exist or not, if not create the directory  WEB-INF .
    • Create another directory named as cgi under  WEB-INF.
  • Now, your Tomcat is CGI enabled. You can copy any CGI file under this directory, and it will run successfully.
  • Your base URL will be <<request protocol>>>://<<server-ip>>:<<server-port>>/cgi-bin/<<name of cgi>>, in my case i.e. http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/test.cgi
  • For more understanding, you can look for CGI-howto section in Tomcat

Let me know if you face any issue after this deployment. Happy Coding!

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