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How to Grab Eclipse Console Output Painlessly

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How to Grab Eclipse Console Output Painlessly

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In your plugin, if you want to do something with each line of your eclipse output console, for example write that line to a file, or parsing it before sending it to your custom eclipse view, you should create a class which implements IConsoleLineTracker, and you should add this extension point to your plugin.xml.

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Now, suppose your class implementing IConsoleLineTracker is this:

public class LogTracker implements IConsoleLineTracker {

private IConsole m_console;

public void dispose() {


public void init(IConsole console) {
m_console = console;

public void lineAppended(IRegion region) {
try {
String line = m_console.getDocument().get(region.getOffset(), region.getLength());

} catch (BadLocationException e) {

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