How to Install Jenkins on the Apache Tomcat Server

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How to Install Jenkins on the Apache Tomcat Server

Want to learn more about how to install Jenkins on the Apache Tomcat Server? Check out this tutorial on how to install Jenkins in this powerful Java container.

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Jenkins is a powerful open source tool that enables you to automate tests and deployment. Apache Tomcat is a powerful servlet Java container for running web applications. If you are running your apps in Tomcat, or wish to do so, you might also want to run Jenkins in it. This blog post will explain how to do it.

If you are looking to install Jenkins in other ways, read how to install Jenkins on Windows, Ubuntu and with a WAR file.

Let’s get started!

First, install JDK. Jenkins supports Java 8. If you need help installing Java, go to this link.

Installing the Tomcat Server

If you don’t have Tomcat, start here. If you do, skip to the next section “Installing Jenkins.”

1. Go to the official Tomcat website and choose the Tomcat version to download. Here, I chose version 9.

2. Choose the appropriate binary for your machine. In this case, I chose the binary for Windows 64-bit.

3. Copy the downloaded zip file to the location of your choice and unzip it. In this example, I copied it to the folder C:\Tomcat.

4. Go to subfolder bin and click on the startup Windows bat file.

The Tomcat server will start.

how to start the tomcat server

5. Browse to the url http://localhost:8080 to launch the Tomcat server.

launching tomcat guide

Now, we can install Jenkins.

Installing Jenkins

1. Click here to download the latest Jenkins WAR file.

2. Copy the jenkins.war file to the subfolder webapps in the Tomcat installation. It will auto-generate a jenkins folder.

jenkins installation tutorial

3. Go to the url http://localhost:8080/jenkins to launch the initial Jenkins page.

jenkins page installation

4. To unlock Jenkins, paste the random password copied from the file C:\Users\<your_user_account_folder_name>\.jenkins\secrets\initialAdminPassword. Paste it in the Administrator password field and then click on the “Continue” button

jenkins, tomcat server, open source

5. Either click on “Install suggested plugins” to install the default plugins or “Select plugins to install” to install the plugins you want. In this case, we will install the default suggested plugins

installing jenkins plugins, learn how

6. The plugins will install. Wait until this process is completed.

step by step jenkins tomcat installation

7. Create your first admin user for Jenkins and click “Save and Continue.”

jenkins + tomcat server installing

8. Click “Save and Finish” to complete the installation!

how do i install jenkins with tomcat

9. This is the last step! Click on “Start using Jenkins” to open the default Jenkins page.

start using jenkins with tomcat

10. You can now start your job with Jenkins!

jenkins job with tomcat servlet

To learn how to use Jenkins, check out these resources:

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