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Integration Roundup: Springtegration

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Integration Roundup: Springtegration

Spring is almost here (at least where I am), so let's celebrate by looking at how developers use the Spring framework in their integration projects!

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Welcome to this edition of the Integration Roundup! Last time, we covered integrating with RESTful APIs, so today we're going to switch gears and broaden our area of focus a little. In this Roundup, we'll be looking at some of the most popular articles on DZone about using Spring in integration projects. 

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Spring Into Action 

  1. Build a REST Web Services Using Spring by Hussein Terek. A step-by-step guide for building and configuring a REST web service in Java using the Spring framework.
  2. Effective Spring Transaction Management by Nitin Prabhu.Learn all about transaction management using Spring, and explore what transaction management is, how to effectively tackle this in spring, and various tips.
  3. How Does Spring @Transactional Really Work? by Vasco Ferrara C. An in-depth look at how Spring transaction management works, and how @transactional works under the hood of your Spring-based integration project. 
  4. How to Use a Spring RESTTemplate to Post Data to a Web Service by Johnathan Mark Smith. A tutorial on how to post data to a RESTful web service in Java using Spring, Spring Java Configuration, and more!
  5. Exception Handling in Spring REST Web Service by Roshan Thomas. Learn how to handle exceptions in Spring controllers using: ResponseEntity and HttpStatus, @ResponseStatus on the custom exception class, and more custom methods.

DZone Publications on Integration and Spring

  1. Microservices in Java Refcard: Microservices Patterns to Support Building Systems That Are Tolerant of Failure by Joshua Long. How quickly can you stand up a new Java microservice? You've either bought the idea of microservices – isn't this just the UNIX philosophy generalized? – or you're wondering how we're not just going to rehearse the migraines of CORBA and DCOM and EJB. Nice concept, but the devil is in the implementation details. This Refcard turns concepts into code and lets you jump on the design and runtime scalability train right away – complete with working Java snippets that run the twelve-factor gamut from config to service registration and discovery to load balancing, gateways, circuit breakers, cluster coordination, security, and more.

  2. DZone's Guide to Integration: API Design and Management featuring articles by John Vester, Guy Levin, Piotr Minkowski, Kin Lane, Ross Garrett, and Tom Smith. Though the field of Integration has been present for ages, the industry is still ripe for some major changes. Significant developments in tools like Kafka, microservice architectures, and container technologies require the latest knowledge of integrating systems. The 2017 Guide to Integration provides this and more by exploring APIs, design and documentation, tooling, and Integration best practices.

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