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IntelliJ Keymap for NetBeans IDE

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Have been using IntelliJ for about 5 years now. It is still the Roll Royce of all IDEs, and of that there is no doubt. But having said that, you should once in a while jump the ship, and try out something different and it is with this intention that I am currently trying out NetBeans IDE 6.1.

I was a NetBeans IDE user starting from its “Forte for Java” days to about 2003, and did also develop some plugins on it. So it feels great to be back home. Well not quite. Though NetBeans IDE has now added almost every trick in the bag, it is still challenging even for a veteran, to pick up from where they left off.

To ease this pain of transition, here is the link to an IntelliJ Key Map, which when applied to NetBeans IDE, will make it feel more like IntelliJ to you. If you find yourself pressing CTRL+ALT+L, CTRL+ALT+O and CTRL+F12, this keymap will be a real time saver.

From: IntelliJ Keymap for NetBeans

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