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JAX-WS Five Minute Tutorial

This tutorial is for people who want to run a JAX-WS example (Endpoint + Client) in just five minutes.

This tutorial is for people who want to run a JAX-WS example (Endpoint + Client) in just five minutes.

What you need to run this example:

  1. JDK 1.6
  2. Eclipse .
  3. Be Excited ;)

 Note:- You can download the source code for this example from the resources section.

Developing WebService End Point

1) Open Eclipse, and create a java project "WS-Server".

2) Create WS-Service Endpoint Interface:

package juma.mohammad;import javax.jws.WebMethod;import javax.jws.WebService;@WebServicepublic interface Greeting { @WebMethod String sayHello(String name);}

3) Create WS-Service Endpoint Implementation class:

package juma.mohammad;import javax.jws.WebService;@WebService(endpointInterface = "juma.mohammad.Greeting")public class GreetingImpl implements Greeting {@Overridepublic String sayHello(String name) {return "Hello, Welcom to jax-ws " + name;}}

4) Create Endpoint Publisher class:

package juma;import;import juma.mohammad.GreetingImpl;public class WSPublisher {public static void main(String[] args) {Endpoint.publish("http://localhost:8080/WS/Greeting",new GreetingImpl());}}

5) Run the WSPublisher…. Guess what .. your WebService is published..
Wow.. check your service wsdl http://localhost:8080/WS/Greeting?wsdl

Developing WebService Client :

1) Open eclipse and create a new java project WS-Client

2) As you know we need to generate the client stubs... but how?

open your command line, and enter the wsimport command:

CD %CLIENT_PROJECT_HOME%\srcwsimport –s . http://localhost:8080/WS/Greeting?wsdl

You will find 6 java classes generated, and compiled under src/juma/mohammad.

You can remove *.class files , no need for them :)

3) Now Lets create Client Class which will be dependent on the stubs:

package juma;import juma.mohammad.Greeting;import juma.mohammad.GreetingImplService;public class Client {public static void main(String[] args){GreetingImplService service = new GreetingImplService();Greeting greeting = service.getGreetingImplPort(); System.out.println("------->>  Call Started");System.out.println(greeting.sayHello("Ali"));System.out.println("------->>  Call Ended");}}

4) Run the Client Class.... the output should looks like:

------->>  Call StartedHello, Welcom to jax-ws Ali------->>  Call Ended

Congratulations.... you managed to develop jax-ws Endpoint , Client..

The next tutorial will be how to deploy your Web Service on Tomcat.

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