Learn Angular 10, Web API, and SQL Server

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Learn Angular 10, Web API, and SQL Server

Learn to create a simple web application from scratch using Angular 10, ASP .NET Web API and Microsoft SQL Server.

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Source Code: https://github.com/ArtOfEngineer/Angular10WebAPITut

1:12: Install SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio.

4:26: Install Visual Studio.

5:50: Install Visual Studio Code. 

6:56: Install POSTMAN.

7:44: Install Node JS.

8:43: Install Angular 10.

10:01: Create DB and Tables in Microsoft SQL Server.

16:51: Create .NET Web API Project. 

20:38: Force API to return the JSON response only. 

22:49: Enable CORS.

24:52: Create Models.

27:22: API for Department Screen: GET.

33:13: API for Department Screen: POST, PUT, and DELETE.

36:48: APIs for Employee Screen.

43:30: Upload Photo API.

46:32: Angular Project Intro.

48:02: Create Angular 10 Project.

51:38: Generate Components and Services in the Angular Project.

53:57: Add Service methods to consume APIs.

59:32: Routing in Angular.

1:01:42: Add Bootstrap to our Angular App.

1:02:45: Navigation Menu using Bootstrap.

1:04:50: Show Department Screen with Bootstrap Table.

1:08:49: Modal Pop Up Window using Bootstrap.

1:12:39: Add and Edit Pop Up Screen for Department.

1:17:24: Delete Department.

1:19:12: Show Employee Screen with Bootstrap table.

1:22:31: Upload Photo, Add and Edit Employee Details Pop Up Screen.

1:31:34: Custom Sorting and Filtering to our Bootstrap table.

1:36:41: How to get Publishable files of .NET Web API and Angular.

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