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May Cloud Roundu– Ya Know What, I Don't Feel Like It

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May Cloud Roundu– Ya Know What, I Don't Feel Like It

Automation: for when you can't (or just can't be bothered to) do it manually.

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It's been a long week, y'all. I mean, a really long week. My manager isn't here today, so I'll go ahead and say it:

And I don't feel like doing a Zone Roundup this month.

I would really just much rather pack up, walk out DZone's double doors, and drive into the sunset toward freedom, my bed, and all The Office I can binge. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

But first, before I go, there's one more thing I have to tell. Since I began writing these roundups, because I know myself so well, I knew that the Friday would come when I just wouldn't want to type another letter and, instead, begin my weekend a little early. And, because I know my manager's expectations so well, I knew how little the way my laziness would matter in a discussion of why the article wasn't posted in a timely fashion.

So I took a few notes from all of you Cloud devs out there, as well as members of the DZone community at large, and developed DZone's first ever automated self-sufficient text generator. I developed it to create, edit, and publish the Zone Roundup from a Zone of my choice using an algorithm that adheres to a chosen theme. I've used some tricks from the folks in the AI and Big Data Zones to instruct the program to analyze my previous Roundups to imitate my writing style, so don't be surprised if it sounds almost human. I call it Project Automodder. I just finished the final round of big bashing last week, so now I get to beta test it.

No time like the present. See y'all next month!

project automodder start

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