Myrtille: Access Your Desktop Everywhere

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Myrtille: Access Your Desktop Everywhere

How the open source tool Myrtille allows users to take advantage of Windows remote desktops from their web browsers.

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Myrtille is an open source solution to connect remote desktops (hosted on Windows Servers), from a standard web browser.

It's a Windows alternative to Guacamole or FreeRDP-WebConnect (made for Linux), mainly aimed at system and network administrators (but everyone can use it).

The HTTP gateway uses the Microsoft .NET (C#) framework and the RDP connection relies on FreeRDP, a well known open source RDP client developed in C++.

Now that Microsoft has open sourced the .NET core, and because RDP is a Microsoft protocol, it may be interesting for the community to have an alternative to the official IIS/RDS gateway.

For people reluctant to install or configure anything, it can be interesting on mobile devices as it just needs a browser. It's also backward compatible with HTML4, which can prove useful in some network configuration (Ajax instead of websockets). It supports file transfer and webP compression.

The connection can be secured simply by using "https://" into the browser URL.

A standard MSI installer will download and install the pre-requisites (.NET, C++ redistributables) before installing it.

The project was recently posted on GitHub but was part of a commercial product in the past, and is fully mature and stable.

Website: http://cedrozor.github.io/myrtille

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