Netflix to Try Out AI to Craft Personalized Trailers for Movies

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Netflix to Try Out AI to Craft Personalized Trailers for Movies

A platform with multiple genres of movies and shows catering to different customer groups needs an effective mechanism to tailor suggestions. AI can help.

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Netflix may be soon coming up with personalized movie trailers for its viewers with a new technology being developed using artificial intelligence. Netflix is likely to integrate the new features after a trial. Being one of the most popular websites for movies and entertainment, Netflix has a huge viewer base.

The orientation and preferences of these viewers are subjected to a lot of variation. Entertainment lovers look for a customized approach from the platform, particularly when the movie trailers are presented.

A platform with multiple genres of movies and shows catering to different customer groups dearly needs an effective mechanism to tailor suggestions for the trailers. This strategy is likely to work out for Netflix, as it can reach out to its viewers in a more customized way.

The researchers at Netflix will carry out the experimentation process in the coming months, and chances are high that the platform will embrace the AI technology. Presently, the Netflix has over 100 million subscribers across the globe. Upon studying the behavior of its subscribers, it is possible to gain a detailed insight into their preferences.

The platform collects information on its users and studies their behaviors. Presently, it is using a wide range of machine learning algorithms that can improve and tweak its mechanism to stream the content it presents.

The researchers will use the voluminous databases gathered over the years to develop a tailored approach that will help the platform to get across to their viewers with specific content. They will carry out the process, considering the tastes and aptitudes of individual viewers. This move is likely to benefit Netflix from the commercial perspective in future.

For instance, people who love romantic movies may watch an action movie if the romantic scenes in the action movie are focused on in the trailer. Again, scenes of a preferred actor or actress can be included in the trailer in order to cultivate the interest among the viewers to watch the movie.

However, this concept has been around in the industry for quite some time. Last year, IBM researchers developed a cognitive movie trailer for the first time. It utilized machine learning strategies to present a trailer for a horror movie, Morgan. This was designed to enhance the impact of the trailer on viewers.

The producers select certain clips carefully to make the trailers. These trailers convey the basic idea of the movie to the audience, creating an urge to watch the film. However, a limited amount of information is disseminated through the trailer, taking care not to expose the plot. The technology being adopted by Netflix may be similar to the one incorporated by IBM, analyzing bits of the entire film and labeling data from the scenes for specific viewer groups.

The categorization may take place based on objects, scenery, types of shots, types of music, people, and so on. This data can be used to correlate to the preferences and dislikes of the audience. This is likely to automatically generate a trailer in a tailored manner from the clips. Netflix subscribers are likely to benefit to a great extent once the AI mechanism in integrated with producing the trailers.

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