Split and Clone Editor Views in Eclipse

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Split and Clone Editor Views in Eclipse

Learn some tricks in Eclipse that will make your life easier, including how to have a split editor view to edit different sections of source files.

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Sometimes it is all about knowing the simple tricks in Eclipse which make life easier. Like this one: How to have a split editor view so I can edit multiple different sections of a source file.

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That feature is present in Eclipse Luna and afterwards, but because there is no icon in the view itself as in Microsoft Word, I have found that many do not know about this useful feature. The screensthots below are for Eclipse Luna.

Split Editor View

To split an editor view, I have it selected (to be active), then I use the menu ‘Toggle Split Editor’:

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I can split it horizontal:

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Or in a vertical way:

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I can use the mouse to resize the split area:

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To remove the split, simply use the menu or shortcut again:Image title

Clone Editor View

The other useful function is to clone an Editor view:

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This creates a clone of that view:

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To ‘undo’ the cloning, I close the new editor view.


Splitting and Cloning gives me a way to edit the same source file in different portions of that file. The commands to Clone and Split is under the Window > Editor menu.

Happy Cloning and Splitting!

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