Top 10 Jobs With AWS Certification

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Top 10 Jobs With AWS Certification

There has been a hike in hiring professionals with cloud knowledge — find out which jobs you're qualified for!

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Top 10 Jobs With AWS Certification in 2020

To stand out in the competitive industrial standards, every IT or technical professional and fresher needs to learn about the changing technology advancements going on across the world. Among all of this, there is the name of cloud computing. It has been in the industry for quite a long time, yet it still sees a higher adoption rate every year. A current report states that the global cloud market is likely to be $411 billion by this year, which shows that the demand is very high in recent times.

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You will find various cloud technology services to provide better computing capabilities along with a safer network accessed from any remote location with ease. Among other cloud technologies like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, etc., Amazon Web Services (AWS) is gaining huge adoption since its launch in 2002.

Due to the increasing implementation of AWS in various organizations, there is a hike in hiring professionals with cloud knowledge. In this regard, many freshers, as well as professionals are aspiring to get into the AWS certification courses that will help them to get a prosperous career in the future. But it is a very common fact that many students don’t know what AWS certification is all about. So, let’s dive deeper.

What Is AWS?

Amazon’s AWS certificate courses offer scope to validate that a candidate has expertise in working with cloud technology. In this course, the aspirants need to demonstrate their technical skills and knowledge with respect to the cloud and attend the examinations for different roles like Cloud Practitioner, Developer, Architect, Operations, etc.

Different types of certification include:

  • Foundational Certification for Cloud Practitioners
  • Associate Certifications for Architect, Developer, and SysOps Administrator.
  • Professional Certification for Solution Architect and DevOps Engineer
  • Specialty Certification for Advanced Networking, Big Data, Security, Machine Learning, and Alexa Skill Builder

Benefits of AWS Certification

When it comes to opting for any professional certification, the first thing that strikes our mind is “What are the benefits?” A majority of businesses have adopted AWS solutions which means there is a good chance of getting jobs in a lot of companies. To name some of the global leaders who are currently using AWS services are Netflix, Samsung, Unilever, MI, and the list continues. If you are still wondering what more benefits you will get, below are the list of it:

  • A plus point for your resume that will offer a hike in payscale 
  • On-going cloud demand that will remain in the industry for quite a long time means stable future
  • Infinite job and career opportunities in the industry
  • Shortage of AWS skills and increasing job vacancies

Jobs With AWS Certification

With AWS certification, you can get into jobs that assure better pay and avoids the risk of career instability. Here is a list of 10 jobs that you can apply and get into with AWS certification across the world.

1. Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect are the professionals who look over all the nitty-gritty of cloud technology – from computing strategy to adoption plan, cloud application design to deployment, management, monitoring, and other cloud infrastructure details. These are the most important aspects required in every organization who adopted and are willing to implement cloud solutions. Besides, a cloud architect earns over $100,240 per annum.

2. Cloud Software Engineer

To become a cloud software engineer, one needs to know various programming languages. They need to use those and design software on the AWS platform.

Also, they need to maintain the development of a cloud-based system/software and ensure their proper working. Annually, a cloud software engineer earns up to $120,613 in the US, which is a handsome amount for any professional in the industry.

3. SysOps Administrator

The word SysOps is a combination of two terms — System and Operations- which means activities related to the operation of cloud systems. SysOps Administrators are those who are responsible for handling the entire lifecycle of cloud systems in an organization. Their work includes managing, deploying, and operations on the AWS cloud platform. The average annual package that AWS SysOps administrators can earn is over $130,610.

4. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer basically enables faster software application delivery or code release by collaborating with other IT professionals in an organization like developers, testers, system operators, and production teams. They need to know all about the cloud environment and make possible multifunctional works in the organization. Their average annual salary can range between 137,000 to $180,000 as per the experience and skill knowledge.

5. Cloud Developer

Their work ranges from cloud product/service/solution designing to developing in an organization. Be it building web applications, data and application integration, etc. are handled by a cloud developer. With skills like database programming, cloud platform, and informational security, a cloud developer can earn up to $127,037 annually.

6. Networking Specialist

Cloud computing is based on efficient networking and this indeed requires a Networking Specialist to look into its functioning. As a networking specialist, you need to perform tasks like analyzing network performance, maintain network security, routine testing and projecting problems to troubleshoot any problems to avoid time loss. Installing router, firewall, and many other networking systems, tools, or devices in an organization are also their responsibility. On average AWS certified networking specialist earns over $52,124 per year in the US.

7. Cloud Security Expert

Security being the main concern of the swiftly changing technology-induced industry, there is always a massive demand for the security engineer. Cloud is the future and cloud security experts are responsible for building a well-secured infrastructure on the cloud platform. They are required to manage data security, configure network security, to implement regulatory standards, and so on. They can earn nearly $73,477 per year package in the industry.

8. AWS System Integrator

AWS is implemented in a lot of companies all across the world. Various systems are involved in services like data storage, infrastructure management, networking, communication, etc. As such, there is a need for professionals who can troubleshoot system-related problems, their deployment, etc. AWS system integrator is responsible for all these activities and can earn more than $70k annually on average.

9. Machine Learning Specialist

If you are good at data science and development job roles, then with AWS Machine Learning certification, you can easily increase your capability and get a hike in your career. As a Machine Learning specialist, you will need to design, implement, and maintain ML tasks and applications in an organization. Depending on the job role, the annual salary package can vary between $37,392 to $138,408.

10. Big Data Specialist

The world runs on data, and the quantity of data processed daily is increasing. As a result, big data came to the forefront and generally a data specialist deals with it. So, opting for AWS certification in big data specialization will earn you this job. The key responsibilities include collection, organizing, processing, and analyzing data information to create valuable insights and results for any business. The annual salary of a big data specialist is $107,801.

AWS is constantly adopted throughout the world and this creates a better opportunity for jobs. So, if you opt for AWS certification and pass the examination, you can easily get into any one of the jobs and give a boost to your career.

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