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Performance and Monitoring

Smash your bottlenecks. Your users will thank you. This guide contains everything from finding the root cause of a performance issue to designing parallel algorithms. Find out what 600 developers have to say about monitoring, database performance, application logs, multithreading, and more. Discover some important latency numbers so you can troubleshoot performance problems and prevent future bottlenecks. Explore an extensive solutions directory that allows you to compare the industry’s top performance tools. So come on in, the thread pool’s…suboptimal? Bigger? Smaller? You decide now.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Key Research Findings
Effective APM: Find and Fix the Things That Matter
Know When (and When Not) to Blame Your Network
Performance Patterns in Microservices-Based Integrations
Working in Parallel: On the Complications of Parallel Algorithm Design
Bottlenecks and Latencies: How to Keep Your Threads Busy
Latency Numbers Everyone Should Know
How HTTP/2 Is Changing Web Performance Best Practices
Benchmarking Java Logging Frameworks
Executive Insights on Performance and Monitoring
Why You Need to Know Your Pages' Conversion Impact Score
Performance and Monitoring Solutions Directory
Diving Deeper into Performance and Monitoring

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