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Q4 2021

Application Performance Management


As enterprise applications increasingly adopt distributed systems and cloud-based architectures, the complexity of application performance management (APM) has grown accordingly. To address this new set of challenges, traditional APM is making a push towards intelligent automation (AIOps), self-healing applications, and a convergence of ITOps and DevOps.  

Q4 2021

Kubernetes and the Enterprise

In DZone’s 2020 Kubernetes and the Enterprise Trend Report, we found that over 90% of respondents to our survey reported leveraging containerized applications in a production environment, nearly doubling since we asked the same question in 2018. As containerization approaches peak saturation, Kubernetes has also become an indispensable tool for enterprises managing large and complex, container-based architectures, with 77% of respondents reporting Kubernetes usage in their organizations.  

Q3 2021

Application Security

In the era of high-profile data breaches, rampant ransomware, and a constantly shifting government regulatory environment, development teams are increasingly taking on the responsibility of integrating security design and practices into all stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

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