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Cloud containers, kubernetes, docker, orchestration
Java java, java 11, garbage collection
IoT internet of things, streaming data, connected devices
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DevOps devops, continuous delivery, culture, continuous integration
Microservices microservices, containers, faas
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Cloud cloud, serverless, functions as a service, multi-cloud, paas
Security security, owasp, artificial intelligence, blockchain, embedded systems
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AI artifical intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning, deep learning
Performance testing, automated testing, performance
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Web Dev game development, unity, video game development, ux and ui design solutions, artificial intelligence
Big Data big data, stream processing, kafka, reference architecture, data analytics
DevOps devops, devops adoption, continuous delivery, continuous integration
Microservices microservice, microservice architecture, monolithic architecture
Web Dev web dev, web development, node js, vue.js, javascript
Database database, mysql, relational databases
AI artificial intelligence, tensorflow, machine learning, nlp, neural network