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Android: Zip Download of Cupcake Android v1.5 Source Code

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Android: Zip Download of Cupcake Android v1.5 Source Code

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A great way to learn about a Java library and framework is to browse through their innards (source code) ad hoc-ly during project development. Sometimes a method or a class that seems so simple in name might do much more, and end up creating unexpected side-effects which results in hard-to-debug code.

In addition, API documentation tends to be vague and brief that does not delve deeply enough into detail. Hence, the source code of the Java library and framework is an indispensable resource for software development.

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image This is especially the case for Android Mobile Application Development where it is still relatively new in term of maturity and acceptance. There is currently one Android phone available in the market and the forthcoming v1.5 Android platform codename Cupcake makes Android development all the more challenging.

Hence having the full source code of Android can at least assist uou in understanding and learning what is still a new mobile platform. However, the Android SDK does not come with source code and it is up to the developer to download it from the Google code server. It is quite involving to download this source code so what if someone has already done the hard work of getting and packaging the source code for you?


Thanks to someone by the name of rgruet in http://androidforums.com/android-developers/1045-source-code-android-jar.html who consolidated the source code of Android v1.5 into a single zip file,

I packed the sources for android 1.5 (not a piece of cupcake ;-) , and made the
archive temporarily available at http://rgruet.free.fr/public/android…upcake-src.zip (21.6MB). Please mirror it elsewhere before my ISP kills me!

Create a directory sources/ inside your <android-SDK>/platforms/android-1.5/ directory, and unzip the archive there.


There are currently three known sources to download the source code (21.6MB).

Oh yes, download smart, use a Download Accelerator. If possible, mirror the download.

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