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Here’s What to Do to Combine Multiple JMeter Variables

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Here’s What to Do to Combine Multiple JMeter Variables

This quick tip will walk you through building a JMeter Variable from two or more other variables.

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Periodically when implementing advanced JMeter test scenarios, you may need to build a JMeter Variable from two or more other variables. This short post will look at how to do just that.

These test scenarios might originate from a Counter Test Element or Function, the __threadNum()function, a regular expression resulting in multiple matches or perhaps a different need.

Let’s imagine the following situation:

There are 2 JMeter Variables:

  1. myVar_1 with the value of foo
  2. myVar_2 with the value of bar

There is also a Counter test element with the reference name of counter.

The objective is to have a dynamic combined variable which consists of:

  • Prefix: myVar_
  • Postfix: ${counter} variable value that is dynamic

The solution is using the __V() function which can be used to evaluate composite variables.

The syntax is:


In the case above, the resulting composite variable reference would be:


See how to do this in the image below.

Combining JMeter Variables

One More Hint

If you build a data-driven test and have parameters in a file that you’re reading by using the__StringFromFile() or __FileToString() functions, and the file has JMeter Variables which need to be substituted with the corresponding values in runtime - you need to use the __eval() function so that the variable value could be resolved.

use the __eval() function in JMeter

Looking for More Info on JMeter Functions?

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