How it Feels to Switch from Eclipse to Android Studio

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How it Feels to Switch from Eclipse to Android Studio

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So, Android Studio exists. While there are a number of fixes for the less-than-graceful aspects of Android development in Eclipse - Genymotion, right? - some are moving to Android Studio for a more stream-lined approach. This recent post from MeetMe's engineering blog details Bill Donahue's switch from Eclipse to Android Studio, and he has some pretty strong feelings about it. He says - and this is his own emphasis - the following:

I will never go back to Eclipse

Donahue then explains the key differences as he sees them. First he makes a list of complaints about Eclipse - constant refreshing, awkward UI building, hogging RAM, and so on - followed by a list of the improvements found in Android Studio, such as full-program themes, new UI tools, better stability and performance, and more.

He does point to a couple of hiccups, such as the switch to a Gradle build, but it's more of a thing you're going to have to learn than an issue with Android Studio. Check out Donahue's full post for more details on the switch and the little things Android Studio does to make it more comfortable.


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