How to Obtain Auto-Generated Keys With Hibernate

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How to Obtain Auto-Generated Keys With Hibernate

How to obtain auto-generated keys in a Hibernate - Spring Boot application.

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Consider the following Author entity that delegates the keys generation to the database system:


Now, let's see how to retrieve the database auto-generated primary keys via getId(), JdbcTemplate and SimpleJdbcInsert.

Retrieve Auto-Generated Keys via getId() 

In JPA style, retrieving the auto-generated keys can be done via getId() as in the following example:


Retrieve Auto-Generated Keys via JdbcTemplate 

Using JdbcTemplate to retrieve the auto-generated keys can be done via the update() method. This method comes in different flavors, but the signature needed here is: 

public int update(PreparedStatementCreator ps,KeyHolder generatedKeyHolder) throws DataAccessException

The PreparedStatementCreator is a functional interface that takes an instance of java.sql.Connection and return a java.sql.PreparedStatement object. The KeyHolder object contains the auto-generated key returned by the update() method. In code lines:


In the above example, the PreparedStatement is instructed to return the auto-generated keys via Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS. Alternatively, the same thing can be accomplished as follows:


Retrieve auto-generated keys via SimpleJdbcInsert

Consequently, calling SimpleJdbcInsert.executeAndReturnKey() method to insert a new record to author table and get back the auto-generated key:


The complete application is available on GitHub.

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