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A Beginner's Guide to Apache Kafka

A bare bones, bare necessities guide to what Apache Kafka can do and why it is popular.

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A normal messaging queue is not capable of handling big data, which is where a Distributed Messaging Queue comes to the rescue.

Features of a Distributed Messaging System

  • It should be scalable, meaning it should easily scale to thousands of nodes.
  • It should be fault tolerant in such a way that it should work even if some nodes in a cluster go down.
  • It should support replication.
  • There shouldn't be a single point of failure, the  system should work even if some node goes down.
  • It should have higher throughput, it should handle millions of messages per second.

This is where Apache Kafka fits in the world of distributed messaging.

Features of Apache Kafka

  • It can easily scale to thousands of nodes in no time.
  • It is durable. Messages are persisted into file system and even replicated across clusters.
  • It is fault tolerant.
  • It has no single point of failure.
  • It supports replication in such a way that messages are replicated across a cluster.
  • It has higher throughput.
  • It is a peer-to-peer architecture and doesn’t follow master-slave.
  • It is open sourced by LinkedIn to the Apache Community.

Please see this architecture diagram of Apache Kafka below:

Apache Kafka- Architecture

Apache Kafka consists of the following components mentioned below:

  1. The producer sends a message to the broker through the push mechanism.

  2. The consumer reads data from the broker through the pull mechanism.

  3. The broker is a very lightweight component that handles just TCP connections and writes data to a append only log file.

  4. Zookeeper acts a coordinator between the broker and consumer.

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