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Lorem Ipsum: Now Generated in Java

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February 14th, the international day of sweet nothings, saw the release of Lorem Ipsum for Java, the new Java generator of space filler text. Never again will you need to put "aaaaa" in a demo field, or "xxxx", or something similar. Instead, you will be able to ooze the air of the Greeks of old, by generating text into your otherwise bare ui.

And all that text will not need to have been typed, or copy/pasted, or anything similar. Instead, you will be able to use Java itself to generate the above filler text. The above 5 paragraphs of high minded mumbo jumbo came about like this:

LoremIpsum ipsum = new LoremIpsum();
String words = ipsum.getParagraphs(5);


And the lorem ipsum library is quite versatile:

So not only can you choose to generate either words or paragraphs, but the exact number of words and paragraphs can also be specified. Here's looking forward to seeing lorem ipsumized space fillers in all the demos of the future!

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