Top Automated Testing Influencers to Follow On Social Media

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Top Automated Testing Influencers to Follow On Social Media

Follow these influencers on Twitter and other social media to keep up with the conversation around advances in automated testing.

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An average user opens tons of web pages daily, and most of us leave one if it keeps on loading for more than 3 seconds. This leads to shutting down of websites, murders of conversions, and businesses sitting idle, all because of the lack of one more second for an average Internet user.

Automated testing is more important today than ever because lets a tester check every minute aspect of his application thousands of times within a couple of seconds.

Business owners and technology specialists strive to do more in a lesser amount of time but end up committing some of the common errors in automation testing. There are a bunch of people, so, who keep on influencing the automation testing technology and guide the way it evolves.

All of these influencers remain active on the social front and keep posting updates and latest trends in the field. If you are an automated testing fan, you should follow them on social media to get a regular and fresh view of the happenings in the ever-growing technology world.

1. Joe Colantonio

Joe's 15+ years of experience in software automation and performance testing render him the visionary of trends in the field. Joe has built his personal brand by publishing his views and insights on the subject on his personal blog, JoeColantonio.com, where he posts regularly about core automation problems, fixes, available libraries on GitHub, latest patch updates, etc., and through his weekly podcast Test Talks.

Here's his video on The Test Automation Playbook: Succeeding with Automation Awesomeness. You may like to watch it.

2. Paul Gerrard

Paul's twitter (@paul_gerrard) overflows with interesting facts and automation testing tips and tweaks. Paul posts fun content, too, along with informational webinars, meetups, and live videos, making up the complete package for a QA engineer and everyone who works in automation testing. He is offering services at gerrardconsulting.com and you can watch his informative videos.

3. Max QA TL

Follow Max for his sheer expertise in automated and manual software testing. He shares his opinions and insights on his profile on the QArea blog. He is also a well-known writer on cybersecurity and the ways to test applications in the domain. His writings come with a depth of understanding about automation testing and software quality control and prove to be beneficial for both experienced testers and QA engineers.

4. Jonathon Wright

Jonathon introduces himself as an International Speaker, Author, and Evangelist of UFT API Testing Manifesto. His exceptional expertise in test automation is evident from his personal collection of works - several books, webinars, and online courses. He is a regular speaker at international events like Cloud Expo, Top Automation Guild Conf, and Software Test Pro Conference. His wealth of experience allows him to predict the software industry's trends, technologies, and solutions.

Follow Jonathon on Twitter @Jonathon_Wright.

5. Dan Cuellar

Dan's own mobile framework, Appium, is now fundamental to the testing community, and he spreads his knowledge through professional conferences and events worldwide. Follow Dan's Twitter handle @thedancuellar.

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6. Robert Arles

Robert is a self-proclaimed geek and a QA engineer at Gifts.com. He continually posts about QA and other technology topics in general on his blog, and shares insights on his Twitter handle @metaRobert, or you can contact him on LinkedIn.

7. Pradeep Soundararajan

Pradeep after coming through a lot of highs and lows started his own testing start-ups. Check out his company, AppAchhi, which is an AI-driven mobile application test automation platform that enables enterprises to test their applications automatically in 100s of phones in real-time conditions. Pradeep documents his rich experiences on his website as an author.

Follow Pradeep on Twitter @testertested or connect with him on LinkedIn.

8. Julian Harty

Julian calls himself an independent who is focused on mobile technologies, testing, and test automation. His Twitter @julianharty is filled with interesting facts, techniques, and advice on testing and QA. He is a speaker and facilitator at various events, international conferences, and workshops. You can read his work on http://blog.bettersoftwaretesting.com/.

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Watch his interview video at Disruptive Testing: Part 8 - Julian Harty | ThoughtWorks.

With these influencers and their blogs and websites, you have at your disposal tons of information structured and built for your benefit.

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