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Digital Experience and Transformation

We spoke with a few industry professionals from a variety of companies at Dynatrace Perform 2018 about the future of user behavior analytics.

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Great roundtable discussion at Dynatrace Perform 2018 with:

What Sort of User Experiences Are You Anticipating?

Having multiple touch points at the same time will make analytics more complicated. However, you will be able to group of multiple touchpoints by users which will evolve into systems talking to systems. Voice interaction will be easier. VR will have more need for context.

Customers will ask Alexa to order themselves the last color of the last gallon of paint that they ordered. This makes the backend more precise and more complicated with increased user behavior and expectations. AI will have to help address the challenge.

At MasterCard, we're always looking at what the is customer going to pay with next – phones, watches, stickers on sleeves. How do we get hooks into those devices to get analytics to know what the experience was all about? Dynatrace is the best source of user data out there right now.

TIAA is in the midst of a digital transformation. Decisions based on data and ability to measure after the fact to prove you made the right decision will be critical. We're working to get better data into the decision maker’s hands.

How Is T-Mobile Learning from Customers?

We use Dynatrace for performance, to know where our customers went, and why, as well as obtaining customer feedback, and observing user sessions. Now all of that information is right there for me. I can see customers going from the handset, to the web, to retail.

By analyzing data ourselves we’re appending information and segmenting. I anticipate moving to more AI based on user behavior. We will use AI to define user groups.

Are You Taking Data and Using It to Improve the Marketing?

We're able to integrate Dynatrace data into other solutions to scale and get to different audiences – support, sales, beyond IT. They can use the data to monitor user behavior and improve service.

Innovation happens when you are overextended. We have not been overextended by marketing yet but I do anticipate that happening as they become of the information we have available.

Business doesn’t know what they don’t know. As they get smarter they'll start asking better questions.

We are analyzing raw data fields. Resources are not sufficient within the bank, so we look to the vendor to help us get value from the data.

We're growing beyond the APM tool which has evolved past companies’ abilities to use it.

T-Mobile is using the Adobe stack and just starting to do personalization. We are just beginning to acknowledge what was the last device the user looked at.

The efficiency of the transaction takes precedence over personalization.

We're working on protecting PCI, automation is a big topic to make it easier for the user.

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