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GraphML Viewer for the Web

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GraphML Viewer for the Web

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GraphMLViewer is a freely available, Flash®-based, interactive viewer which displays diagrams, networks, and other graph-like structures in HTML web pages. It is optimized for diagrams created with the also freely available yEd graph editor and the yFiles Java diagramming library.

Features of the GraphMLViewer include:

  • Viewer application for diagrams in GraphML format: GraphMLViewer is created to display diagrams which are saved in GraphML format. GraphML is the XML-standard for saving graph-like diagrams. The viewer is optimized for diagrams which were created with the freely available yEd graph editor.
  • Users can freely move and resize the displayed diagram
  • A small, interactive overview of the diagram can be displayed.
  • The current diagram can be printed.
  • Descriptions which are added to graph elements in yEd can be displayed as tooltips.
  • Users can navigate to URLs that can be added to graph elements in yEd via mouse click.

Most of these features can be configured via parameters in the embedding HTML. This enables web authors to adapt the viewer to their requirements.

The freely available yEd graph editor offers the option to export all needed files with a simple mouse click (export as "HTML Flash Viewer;" since version 3.2).

GraphMLViewer makes use of the yFiles FLEX Actionscript library. This is a Flex® library that allows to integrate the viewing, editing, and animation of a wide range of diagrams, networks, and other graph-like structures into rich internet applications based on Adobe® Flex® or AIR™.

For more information, please see the GraphMLViewer home page which provides more details on the features of the GraphMLViewer and explains howthe viewer can be embedded into web pages.

About yWorks

yWorks specializes in professional software solutions for the visualization of diagrams and graphs. Our yFiles product family offers high-quality diagramming for Java and .NET applications as well as for browser applications based on Adobe® Flex™ or AJAX technology.
The extensive yFiles Java class library and the .NET class libraries yFiles.NET and yFiles WPF deliver state-of-the-art component technology which can easily be integrated into Java applications, servlets, and applets, and Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications, respectively.
Our web products yFiles FLEX and yFiles AJAX are a perfect fit for web-based diagramming applications that use state-of-the art web technologies.

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