Set Up MuleSoft Dynamic Client Registration and Identity Management [Videos]

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Set Up MuleSoft Dynamic Client Registration and Identity Management [Videos]

In this article, see a video on how to secure a MuleSoft Dynamic Client Registration API, and see another on how to set up MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform Identity.

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What Is Dynamic Client Registration?

Dynamic Client Registration allows you to register third-party applications dynamically. This feature is based on the OpenID Connect Dynamic Client Registration specification. The OKTA Dynamic Client Registration API provides operations to register and manage client applications for use with Okta's OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect endpoints.

Please go through Guide to Integrating OKTA OAuth 2.0 OIDC With Mulesoft API Anypoint Platform.

Securing MuleSoft API Using Okta OAuth 2.0 OIDC | Mulesoft | Okta OAuth 2.0 OIDC

What Is Identity Management?

MuleSoft supports identity management using external identity providers like OKTA, PingFederated, OpenAM, etc. 

As the Anypoint Platform organization administrator, you can configure identity management in Anypoint Platform to set up users for single sign-on (SSO). Configure identity management using one of the following single sign-on standards:

  • OpenID Connect: End-user identity verification by an authorization server including SSO
  • SAML 2.0: Web-based authorization including cross-domain SSO

Please go through Setup MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform Identity Using OKTA External Identity Provider.

Set up MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform Identity Using OKTA OAuth as External Identity

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