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  • Companies like Netflix, Amazon, and others have adopted the concept of microservices in their products. Microservices are one of the hottest topics in the software... More

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  • Evert Pot recently posted REST is in the eye of the beholder. Go ahead and read it; it's good!It discusses the fact that most APIs that are self-described as RESTful... More

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I wrote a post the other day about Postman.io having a limited, anonymous version of their API modeling tool. I stumbled across it while I was trying to upgrade my Stoplight.io...


It’s no secret that IT administrators are often seen as an obstacle rather than a resource inside many organizations. IT administrators are often the ones that have to say “no” to most...


Microservices: An Example With Docker, Go, and MongoDB


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Design Patterns
Learn design patterns quickly with Jason McDonald's outstanding tutorial on the original 23 Gang of Four design patterns, including class diagrams, explanations, usage info, and real world examples.
197.8k 525.4k
Core Java
Gives you an overview of key aspects of the Java language and references on the core library, commonly used tools, and new Java 8 features.
121.4k 318.1k
Getting Started with Ajax
Introduces Ajax, a group interrelated techniques used in client-side web development for creating asynchronous web applications.
100.3k 195.3k
Spring Configuration
Catalogs the XML elements available as of Spring 2.5 and highlights those most commonly used: a handy resource for Spring context configuration.
101.5k 252.8k
Getting Started with Git
This updated Refcard explains why so many developers are migrating to this exciting platform. Learn about creating a new Git repository, cloning existing projects, the remote workflow, and more to pave the way for limitless content version control.
105.2k 235.5k
Core CSS: Part I
Covers Core principles of CSS that will expand and strengthen your professional ability to work with CSS. Part one of three.
88.4k 190.7k
jQuery Selectors
Introduces jQuery Selectors, which allow you to select and manipulate HTML elements as a group or as a single element in jQuery.
91.8k 346.7k
Foundations of RESTful Architecture
Introduces the REST architectural style, a worldview that can elicit desirable properties from the systems we deploy.
90.1k 131k
The Ultimate Scrum Reference Card
Provides a concise overview of roles, meetings, rules, and artifacts within a Scrum organization. Updated for 2016.
84k 220.7k
Core Java Concurrency
Helps Java developers working with multi-threaded programs understand the core concurrency concepts and how to apply them.
87.7k 177.7k
Core CSS: Part II
Covers Core principles of CSS that will expand and strengthen your professional ability to work with CSS. Part two of three.
72.1k 137.4k
Getting Started with Eclipse
Gives insights on Eclipse, the leading IDE for Java, which has a rich ecosystem of plug-ins and an open-source framework that supports other languages.
71.8k 181.8k
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