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  • Just recently, we implemented a nice little feature in jOOQ’s code generator:https://github.com/jOOQ/jOOQ/issues/4974It detects whenever the jOOQ code generator runs... More

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  • In a recent post, Vadim compared the performance of Amazon Aurora and Percona Server on AWS. This time, I am comparing write throughput for InnoDB and TokuDB, using... More

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The Ultimate Scrum Reference Card
Provides a concise overview of roles, meetings, rules, and artifacts within a Scrum organization. Updated for 2016.
72.6k 195.8k
Continuous Delivery
Everything you need to know about Continuous Delivery in 40 pages: how to define your DevOps roadmap, CD and release automation for microservices, maintaining security and architectural quality under release pressure; plus original research on dev and ops collaboration tools and techniques, release pain points, container adoption rates, and barriers to CD.
AMQP Essentials
Practical introduction to AMQP — a binary, multiplexed, symmetric, secure, and lightweight message transport protocol designed for enterprise applications and particularly useful for IoT.
5,137 3,887
Core .NET
Snapshot of the modern .NET Framework from 30,000 feet, plus deep dive into .NET types, portable class libraries, encodings, and asynchronous programming.
40.4k 140.6k
React.js Essentials
Gives you the essentials of React.js, from the architecture to the virtual DOM, from building components to styling them.
7,469 6,277
SQL Syntax for Apache Drill
Acquaints you with the agility and flexibility of Apache Drill and enables you to easily query non-relational datastores, including Hadoop. Discover the benefits of data agility and gain faster insights into BI and analytics through advanced SQL queries on massive datasets.
4,639 9,405
Until recently, highly concurrent programs were the sole province of hardcore network programmers, but now any JavaScript-savvy web developer can write the same kinds of highly concurrent programs quickly and easily.
52.1k 89.2k
Getting Started With Industrial Internet
Introduces basic concepts and technologies of the Industrial Internet, including sensors and actuators, industrial control systems, human-machine interfaces, real-time streaming data, device security, and more.
4,281 4,461
Getting Started With Docker
Teaches you typical Docker workflows, building images, creating Dockerfiles, and includes helpful commands to easily automate infrastructure and contain your distributed application.
13.3k 14.7k
Getting Started With Real User Monitoring
Teaches you how to use new web standards—like W3C’s Beacon API—to see how your site is performing for actual users, letting you better understand how to improve overall user experience.
5,505 7,476
Core Java
Gives you an overview of key aspects of the Java language and references on the core library, commonly used tools, and new Java 8 features.
108.7k 277.3k
JavaFX 8
Gives you what you need to start using the powerful JavaFX 8 UI and graphics tool with code snippets and visual examples of shapes and controls.
8,284 14.8k
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